About Us

Everything you need to know about TAAN


Tunisian American Alumni Network

TAAN founders founded this association essentially to engage Tunisian alumni who took part of exchange program sponsored by U.S. Department of State in their communities by encouraging and supporting them into applying the ideas, knowledge and expertise they gained while studying in the United States to their schools, universities, and communities. When participants return to their home countries after the exchange experience, they need to have well-structured alumni activities that will help them share their experiences, help them readjust to the Tunisian context again, and more importantly give back to their communities. By sharing their experiences, the returnees will reflect and create awareness about the importance of exchange programs. Some of the goals of TAAN are to promote cultural and educational exchange programs between Tunisia and the United States; providing alumni with creative and engaging programming that facilitates reflection and analysis of their experience abroad and to establish, develop and promote synergy between all alumni in Tunisia; and support initiatives/projects launched by USG exchange alumni, alumni associations and alumni clubs.

Presenting the Board

The Board is the leading body of the TAAN during the period between the Congresses.