Tunisia American Alumni Network

TAAN founders founded this association essentially to engage Tunisian alumni who took part of exchange program sponsored by U.S. Department of State in their communities by encouraging and supporting them into applying the ideas, knowledge and expertise they gained while studying in the United States to their schools, universities, and communities.

  • Promote cultural and educational exchange programs between Tunisia and the United States
  • Establish , develop and promote a synergy between U.S. Government exchange program alumni
  • Support Tunisian students and professionals participating in U.S.G exchange programs
  • Support initiatives / projects launched by USG exchange alumni, alumni associations and alumni clubs
  • Assist American exchange students and professionals in Tunisia

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Mini grants winning teams

Projects descriptions and aims


  • Introducing the UN’s​ ​17​ ​goals​ ​for​ ​Sustainable​ ​Development​.
  • Educating younger generations about their rights and duties in the society from an early age.
  • Involving new stakeholders (pupils/ teachers) in the change making process.
  • Increasing community awareness on the importance of tolerance and harmony in conflict prevention.
  • Initiating inter-youth dialogue forum across primary schools where youth can learn through doing.
  • Building children’s capacity and strengthening their commitment in addressing issues affecting their communities, namely: SDG​ ​4​: quality Education, SDG​ ​5 Gender Equality, SDG​ ​10​: Reduced Inequalities, SDG​ ​12​: Responsible Consumption and production, SDG​ ​13​: Climate Action,​ ​SDG​ ​15​: Life on Land, and SDG​ ​16​: Peace, justice, and strong institutions.
  • Turning teachers’ determination and children’s enthusiasm into action.
  • Empowering students to personally contribute to the Goals right away.

Sailors desk

  • Converting unemployed graduates into self-employed digital professionals
  • Providing them with the needed digital skillset and mentor them to monetize the learned skills
  • Giving them the tools not to depend on anyone to work and be productive
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  • Involving people with disabilities from the town of Ras Jebel in the social and economic aspects.
  • Helping the local disabled people acquire new skills and support them in starting their professional life.
  • Implementing initiatives to ensure an effective contribution of mentally/physically challenged persons to the community.
  • Offering them vocational training to earn and lead a decent life.
  • Creating awareness among the members of the society about the formidable abilities and skills of the mentally/physically challenged persons.

AEIF winning teams

Women’s Entrepreneurship Institute

This project aims to introduce unemployed women 20 years old and older to the basics of how to run and launch a sustainable business. The Women’s Entrepreneurship Institute (WEI) will connect women with investors, micro-finance agencies and business incubators to help them build and/or improve their businesses. In addition, the WEI will coach women in rural areas on how to use new technologies to generate business ideas and/or market their handicrafts.

    Team :
  • Ahlem Jedidi, President
  • Ahmed Labidi, Secretary-General
  • Chiheb Rais, Treasurer

For a better Tunisia

For a Better Tunisia aims to foster civic engagement among Tunisian high school students. The participants will complete trainings on personal development and social responsibility, and will subsequently lead volunteering projects of their choice that improve their local communities. Participation in this program will guide these students into becoming global citizens and role models for their peers.

    Team :
  • Ben Taieb Issam Global UGrad
  • Ranya Lamine Global UGrad
  • Yosr Jouini - Global UGrad

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